Pet Grooming

Whatever your reason is for grooming your pet, this service is big business, especially for dogs. There are many reasons why pet owners choose to have their pets groomed, and it’s not just for dog shows! 

What does Pet Grooming Most Often Include?

Grooming is much more than giving your pet a bath. It is a general term that includes all types of hygiene and cleanliness care. Grooming services vary based on your individual needs and the needs of your pet. For dogs in particular, this can be a needed service, as in some breeds such as shih tzus and shepherds, their thick coats require regular maintenance so as not to become matted or tangled. It includes brushing and detangling their hair and thinning their undercoat in order to minimize shedding.

If your pet has severely matted hair, the veterinarian may recommend light sedation or use special trimming instruments to prevent pain.

Or, if you simply want to give your dog a special type of haircut for aesthetic purposes, complete with shampoo and hair drying, they can offer these services, as well.

Other professional grooming services include teeth brushing, eye and ear cleaning, even anal gland cleaning. As much as we love our pets, we often don’t want to clean any crusted or blocked anal fluid. Pet groomers can do this efficiently. Also nail trimming and clipping is often needed.

Why Should I Choose a Professional to Provide Pet Grooming?

Similar to choosing the right vet for your pet, you also want to choose the right groomer for them. Especially for dogs, professional grooming is best for the overall well-being of your dog, if you find that you don’t want to groom them yourself.

There are several reasons why you should choose professional grooming services available at the veterinary clinic:

  • They are efficient at their job
  • They are patient and accommodating of all types of pet breeds, personalities and dispositions
  • They have had good on-the-job training, apprenticeship, or have gone to grooming school
  • They have good facilities with the right equipment to do the best job
  • They use high-quality products, with few (if any) harsh chemicals
  • A professional also has basic medical and first aid experience
  • They make your pet look great!

For the best services possible, make sure your pet groomer of choice passes all of these and you will have found yourself a wonderful option! The veterinary clinic is often a great place to have your pet cared for because they also look for signs of health problems or injury.


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